Start shipping in a few easy steps

1. Enable carriers and see our rates

Ship with many carriers from one place! Start right away with our pre-negotiated rates or add your own contract.

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2. Connect your store to import orders

No more copy-pasting or manual typing! Your orders will be imported automatically saving you time and stress over possible mistakes.

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3. Add your logo to labels, emails, and more

Fully branded post-purchase experience? Easy! Set up your brand to show your logo on shipping labels, in tracking emails, and more.

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4. Add your address and a payment method

You’re one step away from shipping! Add the necessary information once and you’ll never have to think about it again.

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5. Print your first label

Now you're ready to ship your first parcels:

  • go to your Incoming Orders,
  • make sure the right methods are set,
  • select orders,
  • and click Create labels!
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Curious about our shipping rates?

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Discover more features

All you need to know about processing orders

A must-see video for anybody starting out. Here you'll learn about the main workflow and how to customize it to your needs - Starting from importing orders to checking a shipment's status.

Shipping defaults

Set defaults shipping method, weight, and the insurance value.

Tracking emails

Replace carrier tracking emails with your own, branded ones.

Tracking page

Cement your brand in customers minds and promote your Instagram.

Shipping rules

Automate every aspect of your shipping process with simple If-Then rules.

Return portal

Let customers create returns themselves, with no work on your side.