In the left menu of your SendCloud account you can find the functionality 'Pick-up Reports'. You can use pickup reports to let the carrier that picks up the packages at your address sign the pickup list. So when the packages leave your address to the depot, you have a documentation of what you gave to the carrier. 

When clicking on the pickup reports in the menu of your SendCloud account you get to the following screen:

The orders that are 'announced' from that day will automatically appear in the pickup report overview.Here you can import the orders 'from' date you want to make a pick-up report from. They are all standard selected, so you can uncheck what you don't want to give to the carrier that day. .

When you choose to 'Create Report' you will see the following screen:

From here you can download the report as a PDF file.

When you have downloaded the PDF you see the shipments you are giving that day to the carrier. Above you see the sender address, when the report is created and the total of items that are on the list. 

At the bottom, you can make the carrier sign for the pick-up. 


You can always find the report in the pickup Report Archive. The signed reports are for your own administration. 


You can also invalidate reports from the Pickup Report Archive view. If you don't want the shipments to be send you can choose the 'invalidate' button.
You will get an notification if you are sure you want to 'invalidate' this list. 

When you choose invalidate, the parcels will be set back to the part where your pick up report is being generated. 

You can reselect the parcels you want to send and make a new pickup report. 

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