Check the video first to see all the steps of setting up your return portal:

Step 1:

Within your SendCloud account is the functionality available to make your own return portal for yourself or to share with your customers. 

When choosing the settings in the left-menu and choose for returns . You will see the following screen:

Step 2:

Fill in your domain name. The domain name can be for example: webshop. Your return portal will become then:

In the name you can fill in whatever you want to name your portal. So here you can also use for example webshop or the name of your company. 

The Shop URL is the URL to your webshop environment, this has to be included with http:// or https://. 

The portal language, you can choose one of the following:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Francais
  • Nederlands

At the brand you can if you have select your brand to your return portal. So the same logo of your shop will show also on your return portal. 

Also you can choose which carriers you want to activate to ship your returns with. By selecting them they are included in the portal. 

When you choose 'activate portal' the portal will be active for end-users. After saving your settings will be saved. 

When saved your customers can make use of the return portal. 

In Step 3 you can find a short guide on which steps they have to take to make a return. 

Step 3: 

First the customer has to fill in the original tracking number of what the package that they want to return and their postal code

Second step in the return process for the customer is to fill in the following:

  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Reason of return

When the above is filled in they can choose a servicepoint to bring in the return package:

This is based on the postal code that the customer has filled in, in the first step of the return portal. When choosing select the servicepoint will be added on the return label. 

They have to check the checkbox in the end of the portal to agree with the return. From here they can print the return label, it will open in a PDF file. 

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