Step 1: 

Make sure your file is saved as CSV, comma delimited and has the following set-up:

You can download this example.

Step 2:

Once logged in to your SendCloud account, click on the top right button "Upload file".

You will be forwarded to the following screen:

Here you can upload your CSV file by drag and dropping it into the cloud. Or choose "browse" to browse through your files on your computer.

Step 3: 

The following screen comes up:

On this page you can create a new preset to make your future CSV file imports easier. In order to do so, you have to give a name to your preset and the following fields need to be filled up: 

  • Name
  • Company name (if needed)
  • Street name
  • Address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Country Code*
  • E-mail

*In order to have a complying CSV import, it is important to input a country code (ISO code) matching the destination country. Here is a list of ISO codes to help you.

By making a preset you can give certain automatic information to your CSV file. When in the future you will upload a new file, you can choose an already existing preset and the information contained in your file will go straight to your imported orders, skipping the validation stage (below). 

Here you need to select the terms matching the fields of your table from the dropdown menus. When all fields are green, you can click "Save".

Step 4: 

You will be redirected to your "imported orders" tab:

On this page you can edit your orders, select a shipping method and then create your labels.

Your labels are now ready to be printed!

Please contact us for  any further query.

Good Shippings ! 

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