Ship smarter with our easy to use shipping rules. The smart shipping rules are part of SendCloud Plus and enable you to ship faster and smarter. Never make mistakes in choosing the right shipping method anymore. Always use the best shipping method for the products you sell. This quick guide shows you how to get started with smart shipping rules.

Step 1: 

When logged into SendCloud go to "Settings" > "Shipping".

Step 2: 

Within the "Shipping" settings it is possible to create different "shipping rules". Those shipping rules make sure the right shipping method will automatically be detected when processing orders. Click "Create new" to set up as many shipping rules as you want. 

Examples smart shipping rules:

In order to give you an idea of what smart shipping rules can do for you, here are some examples. 

  • Match the shipping method in your check out: When shop checkout shipping method is letter post AND to country is Netherlands > Ship with PostNL Mailbox Parcel Extra 0-2kg
  • When shipping an expensive product: If item name contains Macbook > insure shipment by €1000,-.
  • When shipping an extra large product: If item name contains carpet > AND to country is Netherlands > Ship with DHL Europlus
  • Shipping to foreign countries: If to country is United Kingdom AND weight is less or equal than 5kg > Ship with UPS standard 3-6kg

You can set-up an unlimited amount of smart shipping rules.

Note that the rules for "checkout shipping method" is not supported by Amazon,, CCVshop and via API. All other integrations enable checkout shipping methods in smart shipping rules. 

Step 3: 

Once saved, you will profit from all of your smart shipping rules in your Pack & Go solution. Here you can process orders much faster and without making mistakes. The right shipping method will appear immediately when processing the order. Click & go to your next order. 

Even when you have a rough day..processing orders will not be a pain in the ass anymore 💪🏼🎉. 

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