Effective starting: 25-05-2018

When integrating your e-commerce store with SendCloud, our system retrieves orders from the connected store to create shipments based on these orders. Orders and shipments are kept for 365 days inside our system. After 365 days an automatic process will start to permanently delete orders and shipments.

Other personal data stored inside our system, including your contact details and address book, are kept until manually deleted.


  • Orders in the SendCloud platform: 365 days
  • Shipments in the SendCloud platform: 365 days
  • Support tickets and chat messages: 365 days
  • Audit trails: 365 days
  • SendCloud e-commerce integration logs (contains detailed HTTP requests when requests to our customer’s ecommerce stores fail, for debugging/support purposes): 30 days
  • Track&Trace email history logs: 30 days
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