Effective starting: 25-05-2018

SendCloud handels different types of personal data differently. This section explains what happens if you manually delete an entry in our system.

What happens if I delete a shipment?

In order to operate our business we are required to keep details about shipments for 6 months to ensure SendCloud can provide its services (including, but not limited to processing lost shipment researches, insurance claims and surcharges).

Once you delete a shipment, the entry is immediately hidden. After 6 months the shipment is pseudonymized. This means that all personal data, like name or email address, will be removed from the shipment. 

Even if you don't delete the shipment, any shipment is automatically removed from our system after 365 days. For more details read our data retention policy.

What happens if I delete an order or e-commerce store integration?

Once you delete an order in SendCloud it is promptly removed from our production database. If you delete an e-commerce store integration an automatic process is triggered which will start deleting the related orders in our system.

What happens if I delete my account?

Deleting your account at SendCloud consists of multiple steps. After you agree to deleting your account, we will freeze your account for 6 months. You will still have access to our system, but won’t be able to create any new shipments or subscribe to any new plans. After 6 months an automatic process is set in motion which will permanently delete your account. During the 6 months frozen period, you can reactivate your account at any time. 

Does SendCloud keep backups of my data?

SendCloud currently keeps 10 days of full database backups.

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