Track & Trace mails have an open rate of 90 to 100%. Unfortunately, your customers are being led to an impersonal tracking page of the carrier at that time. In this you completely lose the attention of your customer.
In this article we explain to you step by step how to adjust this by means of Notify within SendCloud.

Step 1. Switch on Notify

Existing users:
To enable Notify, go to the Track & Trace section within the settings in the SendCloud account. Then click on "Customer communication". Here you have the option to enable Notify.

New users:
Notify will be enabled by default when creating a new SendCloud account.

Step 2. Edit the appearance of your page

Now that the Tracking mails and pages are enabled, it is possible to adjust the tracking page and the tracking messages. To adjust the messages click on "E-mails".

What can you adjust?

Your brand
Did you add a brand with, for example, your shop logo? Then you can select it here to ensure that all messages are sent in your business branding. It is possible to make adjustments per brand. Do you have multiple shops linked to an account? Then this can be set per shop.

If you have not installed a brand yet, we recommend doing this first via settings -> brands.

Reply to email
Here you can select an e-mail address where you want to receive comments from your customer. When a customer responds to a track and trace mail, they will be send at this email address.
BCC email
Do you want to receive a copy of the track and trace messages in your own mailbox?
This can be done by selecting an address here.

Step 3. Choose at what time you send a Track & Trace mail

You can choose to send messages to your customers based on different statuses. You can indicate per message whether you want to activate it or not.

  1. Ready for shipment: This message is sent when the label is printed out within the SendCloud panel.
  2. Out for delivery: This message is sent out when the package receives the first scan from the carrier (most chosen option).
  3. Ready for pick-up: This message is sent when the package is ready for collection at the service point.
  4. Delivered: This message is sent when the package has been successfully delivered.

Are you sending a lot of packages abroad?
It is also possible to add countries and adjust the messages accordingly.
By clicking "+ Add country" you can add countries from the list. When you add a country, the default language will be English.

By default, we have already made track & trace mails available in English, Dutch, German & French.

How can you change the format of the messages?

You can adjust the text of the messages as you wish. By means of tags in your message, it is possible to automatically enter the name of your customer and the order number in this messages.
With the "What you see is what you get" editor it is possible to change the text formatting.

The following labels are available for your Track & Trace e-mails:

{{tracktrace}}          Shows the generated track & trace link.
{{name}}                 Shows the name of the recipient.
{{email}}                  Shows the email address of the recipient.
{{companyname}}  Shows your company name.
{{ordernumber}}     Shows the order number of the shipment.
{{carrier}}                Shows the name of the carrier that belongs to the shipping method.
{{parcelstatus}}      Shows the status of the package

Good to know
Before you actually send these messages to your customers it is always useful to preview them. You can always go back to the default settings:

Powered by SendCloud
Be aware! You can only disable this when you use SendCloud Plus. Do you not have a SendCloud plus subscription? Then this text will be visible at the bottom of the tracking page.

Step 4. Set up Track & Trace messages for return shipments (optional)

These messages will only be sent when you have set up the return portal for the returns. These messages can also be personalized with Notify.

  1. Label created: This message is sent when the label is created within the SendCloud panel.
  2. Handed in at Drop-Off: This message is sent out when the package has been returned to the selected service point.
  3. Return received: This message is sent out when the package has been returned by you as a webshop owner.

You can also set up your own tracking page to give your customers even more insights. More information on how to put this page on can be found here.

If you have further questions, please contact us via the  contactformulier  within the SendCloud panel.

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