1. Log into in your Shopware Account and download the SendCloud Plugin. In order to do so, please go to Configuration and switch to Plugin Manager. Here you can search for SendCloud and download it. 

2.  The next step is the installation of the plugin. Click on install and then on integrate with SendCloud. 

Would you like to offer your customer the opportunity to choose the service point delivery?

Your customers can choose in the checkout by themself to which service point their package will be send. 

1. Service Point Delivery can be activated directly in your SendCloud Account. Please go to Settings> Connected Shops and search for Shopware. In the Shopware Settings you can tick the box by Service Points. The system will show you the available carriers. Please select the carrier and saved the changes. 

2. A new shipping method has been added to your Shopware. Please log into your Shopware Account, go to Shipping costs and click on edit the SendCloud Service Point delivery. You can change the name of the shipping method and other information but please do not change the comment. Please make sure that the new shipping method has been activated.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to add the payment methods and the available countries. 

Do you want to display the address of the choosen service point in the confirmation email? 

In order to add the address to the content of the confirmation email go to your Shopware Configuration > Email templates > System emails >sORDER.

Please add the following text into the content of the email as shown on the screenshot below.

{if $scServicePointAddress}

Delivering to a service point at:

How can your customer choose the Service Point Delivery in the Checkout?

Your customer can see all activated shipping methods in the checkout of the purchase. As you have entered also the service point delivery, the customer will receive a list of available service points nearby his address after choosing this option.

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