Most common issues with LightSpeed Servicepoints are to be found in this article. Questions are mentioned with Q, all possible answers are mentioned with A, A1, A2, etc.

Q: The service points do not appear in the check-out of my web shop?
: Check-up if the correct steps are followed to install the service point LightSpeed guide

A2: Do you have the right shipping methods available in your panel? When there are no service point shipping methods added, it is not possible to install the servicepoint location picker. You can check all your available shipping methods by visiting your Settings > Carriers & Pricing page.

 A3: Check in your SendCloud panel Settings > Connected shops > LightSpeed integration, if you have Service points ‘checked’ on with the right carrier(s).  

A4: When all above is checked, a ‘refresh’ for the LightSpeed system most of the time works. Reinstall the complete SendCloud application and follow the set-up guide to connect to your webshop + service point picker.  

A5: It could be that an other shipping app (PostNL) is blocking the service point picker map to appear. Make sure you deactivate or delete all the alternate shipping apps in your LightSpeed shop.   

Q: My customer selected a service point, however when I go to my incoming orders it says that the service point is not available?  

A: Most common situation is that when the customer chooses his/her pick-up point in the check-out of your webshop, they forget to ‘select’ the service point. Our service point picker gets confused and can not make a match. Best way to fix this is contact your customer to make sure they provide the right information on which servicepoint he or she wants to use to deliver their order. After contacting, you can manually create a 'new shipment' with the servicepoint that your customer mentioned to choose in the first place.

Q: Not all servicepoints appear on the servicepoint picker map?

Common and general servicepoint ‘problem’. SendCloud scrapes every hour the servicepoints to our servicepoint location picker. We scrape these from the data that the carriers send us. When the carriers do not update their scrape file, we also get incorrect data back in our servicepoint picker.  Unfortunately there is not a work around for this problem, only let your customer select a alternative servicepoint. 

Q: Not all carriers are in the servicepoint checker in my check-out.  

A:Go to the Settings > Connected shops settings from your shop. Here you can see all available servicepoint carriers. Press 'save' to make sure all desired carriers are available in the servicepoint picker. 

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