Most common issues with LightSpeed are the following. Questions are mentioned with Q, all possible answers are mentioned with A, A1, A2, etc. 

Q: My orders do not appear in my ‘incoming orders’ overview in SendCloud?
: Check the date-filter and shipment status filter. Some orders have a different status in their LightSpeed shop (could be incomplete or unpaid orders) or are placed on a date earlier in the future. Our date-filter in SendCloud automatically shows the orders from last 3 days when the user is logged in. Also double check if the customer did not try to ‘hide imported orders’.  

A2: Delete your integration via Settings > Connected shops and delete the SendCloud app from the LightSpeed app store. Reinstall the app and refresh your panel.  

Q: My old orders do not show up in the ‘incoming order overview’
SendCloud only imports orders from the last 30 days, as an alternative if you want to import orders older than 30 days, you can use a CSV file to upload your older orders. Or in case of a few orders that are missing, make them manually via ‘creating a new shipment’  

Q: When I try to install the SendCloud app I get an internal server error
This is something you as a LightSpeed owner can fix.  Could be for example that your  time/date settings in LightSpeed are incorrect. You can access this feature by going to ‘My Account’ settings in LightSpeed > Profile > Date/Time zone. This should be set to Amsterdam GMT +1  

Q:Why are there 100 failed attempts to retrieve my orders? (Order 500 error in SendCloud account incoming order overview)
Always first check the Failed Request Logs in your SendCloud account. When there are no failed request logs available, make a print screen from your LightSpeed shop and the orders that are missing. Let us know if your webshop is completely live, if not please set this environment to a live setting and re-connect. When this error is still appearing send this screenshot of your missing orders to for further investigation by our Customer Service and Development Team.

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