Service points offer your customers an improved experience by selecting the location where they want their shipment to be delivered.

Before enabling service points delivery, verify that your online shop is connected to SendCloud.

Find out how to easily connect your shop to SendCloud.

How does the service point picker work?

Once your shop is connected to SendCloud our solution displays the service point map in the checkout. You don’t need to download each carrier extension anymore, SendCloud does it all.

To set up this shipping method, you either have:

  • a new shipping method in your back office, create automatically by our api, named ‘Service Point Delivery’.
  • to create  a shipping method named ‘Service Point Delivery’  in your e-shop’s back-office. 

When your customer will choose the 'Service Point Delivery' method your eshop will know that the service point  map has to be displayed thanks to the shipping method name recognised by our system.

Once an order is placed it gets imported in ‘Incoming Orders’ with the service point chosen by your customer.

Find out more about Service Point delivery set up for your own eshop system in the dedicated section of our help center.

The service point map is not displayed on my website. Why ? 

Check your settings 

1. Finish the setting up your SendCloud account:

  • verify your email address
  • add your sender, return, invoice addresses
  • enable your direct debit

2. Check you have activated carriers:

  • enable carriers in 'Settings' > 'Carriers and Pricing'
  • add your own carrier contract (if you have one) 

3. Check your connected shop settings: 

  • go to 'Settings' > 'Connected Shops' and check if 'Service Points' and at least one carrier for this shipping method are enabled

Common reasons why the service point map does not appear on the checkout: 

1. Your shop is not live

2. The theme you are using doesn't allow button for selecting a service point to be displayed

3. You are using an app/extension/plugin (in your checkout) conflicting with SendCloud

e.g.: carrier extensions also offer a map. Combined with SendCloud, it results in no map being displayed at all.

4. You have added 'Additional scripts' during checkout in your eshop's back office

5. 'Service Point Delivery' shipping method hasn't been created for all your shipping zones in your eshop's back office

6. Your shop's connection with SendCloud is broken: in your SendCloud account got to 'Settings' > 'Connected Shops' > 'Failed requests logs' to get more information about it

7. Your browser is not updated: please try a different one or install the latest version 

We invite you to make the necessary adjustments in your back office to allow the map to be displayed.

Back in your SendCloud account ('Setting' > 'Connected Shops' > click on the pen) click on 'Save' for changes made in your back office are taken into account. 

Need more information? Issue not fixed? 

Feel free to contact us. In your SendCloud account create a new ticket from the 'Support' section and select 'Questions about a webshop integration' as type of support.



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