My customers receive multiple emails about order status updates

Some of PrestaShop order statuses sends e-mails about status updates by default. For example, when an order changes it's status to Shipped, PrestaShop will send e-mails to the customer including tracking information.

SendCloud also provides a built-in track & trace e-mail communication feature and if you have it enabled alongside with the default settings of PrestaShop, your customer may receive messages with duplicated information.

Please, refer to our automatic track & trace e-mail communication and combine it with the following instructions to avoid sending multiple e-mail messages to your customers.

How to disable e-mail communication of PrestaShop

Go to your PrestaShop back office, then go to Orders > Statuses

From the status list, find and edit Processing in Progress or Shipped statuses

From the editing screen, uncheck Send an email to the customer when his/her order status has changed. option.

My orders are set to Paid whenever a shipment is on route or delivered.

PrestaShop default behavior is to set an order as Paid, whenever it is transitioned to Processing in progress and Shipped statuses.

Online store owners have different workflows and sometimes you start processing items even before customers confirmed their payment (e.g: regular customers may benefit from this workflow) but not set the status of an order to paid.

While editing a status, you can uncheck the Set order as paid option. This will prevent your order to be set as paid whenever it is processed by SendCloud (e.g: updating track & trace info and/or changing order statuses to Shipped).

I have duplicated status on my orders

PrestaShop was designed in such way that it doesn't allow us to update single properties of your orders, like the tracking number of a Shipment. When communicating the tracking number or updating the status we are required by PrestaShop constraints to send a status as well. This makes the current status of an order to appear duplicated on your PrestaShop back office. If you are sending e-mails from PrestaShop, you may want to disable them as well.

The Service Point button appears but it doesn't do anything

You may try to reinstall Service Points from your SendCloud panel account. Go to your integration settings page, uncheck the Service Point option, and enable it again.
This can also be related to incompatibility with third party One Page Checkout modules. PrestaShop already comes with a built-in One Page Checkout and the SendCloud module only supports that for now. If you have any third party module for One Page Checkout we advise you to disable it. For more information about how to enable the built-in One Page Checkout on PrestaShop, please refer to PrestaShop official documentation and change Order Process type from Standard (Five steps) to One Page Checkout.

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