By using the SendCloud platform and by shipping under our contract with the carriers, you can benefit from attractive pricing for all supported carriers.

In certain cases (high volumes, specific size/weight agreements) it can make sense to ship under your own carrier contract. With SendCloud, you can use your own carrier contract(s) while enjoying all the benefits of the SendCloud platform: multiple shipment methods, a more efficient shipping process, et cetera.

This article will explains what is needed to start shipping with your own carrier contract.

Please note: different terms and conditions apply to using your own carrier contract.

Preparation: carrier contract and SendCloud subscription

In order to use your own carrier contract within the SendCloud platform, you will need your own carrier contract and you will need a SendCloud subscription that enables shipping using your own contract.

Carrier contract and user details

If you don't have a carrier contract yet, we advise you to contact your carrier of choice and enquire about the possibilities. Once you have arranged the contract, the carrier will supply you with the user details that are needed to set up the contract within SendCloud.

SendCloud subcription

Once you have arranged your carrier contract, it's time to look at the SendCloud subscription that fits your needs.

SendCloud offers two plans that allow you to use your own carrier contract: SendCloud Flex and SendCloud Plus. 

SendCloud Flex consists of the regular SendCloud services, but with the ability to use your own contract.

SendCloud Plus takes your shipping efficiency to the next level: besides using your own carrier contract, you can set up smart shipping rules, picking lists, barcode scanner support and other features. Read more about SendCloud Plus here.

Setting up your contract in the SendCloud platform

Once you have secured your carrier contract and once you have activated your SendCloud subscription (or trial), you can add you contract to the platform and start shipping under the relevant carrier terms and conditions right away!

Open the SendCloud platform. Browse to "Settings" - "Carriers & Pricing" - "My Contracts" - "Add your own contract".

In the screen that comes up, click "Add Contract" next to the carrier for which you want to add your own contract.

In the resulting screen you will need to complete the required fields.

The information required depends on the carrier: many carriers only need a password and username , other carriers need additional information. Upon completing the contract, the carrier will normally provide you with this information as part of the contract information. For some carriers, the IT department will send you the relevant details.

We wish you a lot of shipments!

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