When you use your own carrier contract, the terms and conditions in the contract are between you and the carrier directly. As a result, the carrier in question is your point of contact for anything related to the shipments and agreements by/with this carrier.

For anything related to the SendCloud platform or to shipments under a SendCloud contract, we are at your disposal.


SendCloud will provide a working platform and will offer the ability to ship under a SendCloud contract for carriers where no direct carrier contract is in place with the customer.

The following conditions apply for using your own carrier contract.

  • The carrier is your point of contact for anything related to their shipments and services
  • SendCloud offers the software system aigainst the agreed terms within the chosen package
  • The carrier contract is supported by SendCloud
  • Billing takes place every 14 days by direct debit
  • When a shipment is invoiced (upon creation or first scan) depends on your contract with the carrier
  • SendCloud is only responsible for the technical support in the SendCloud panel software
  • SendCloud is authorized to interrupt the cooperation at all times if this fails to comply with the general payment terms. 
  • The Terms and Conditions of SendCloud are also applicable. 
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