PostNL uses different types of surcharges.
This article explains the charges on your invoice.

Minimum dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 cm (l x b x h) = surcharge € 2.50
Greater than: 100x70x58cm to 175x75x58cm = surcharge € 2.50
Greater than: 175x75x58cm = surcharge € 75

Heavier than: 30kg to 31.5kg = surcharge € 2.50
Heavier than: 31.5kg = surcharge € 75

The same conditions are set for return shipments, as a webshop at PostNL, you also pay for a shipment return sender.

Remote area surcharge
PostNL mentions this surcharge as remote area surcharge, or remote area surcharge. For example, for a shipment to the Waddenean Islands you will receive an islands surcharge at all times. These costs are determined by the carrier. This depends on the area where the shipment is sent.

Additional fees
Additional fees are incurred by the following reasons, these are the criteria for manual processing:

Contents: Glassware, including wine bottles (if packaged in a non-machine-friendly package, etc.)

Indications on package: 'Fragile', 'Carefully treat'

Shape: All boxes and other packaging shapes where the label can not be processed horizontally.

Addressing: Address and barcode not on the largest side.

Packaging: Wood and metal, sealed packages and foils (eg nipple foil) or pepper foam.

Merge: Add loose boxes to one package. With tape or other binding material, 2 or more packages have been merged into one package.

Content: Content is not fixed in the package (slides back and forth)

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