When a package falls outside the maximum dimensions / weight, there is a big chance of a surcharge. Surcharges are always calculated by the carrier afterwards.
If a package is too large or too heavy, it can no longer be processed automatically via the belt. This means that an employee must process the shipment manually.

With PostNL, surcharges can also be charged for manual processing.
In this article you will find an explanation of the various surcharges that can be charged and how you can prevent them. It concerns the following surcharges:

  • Not machine suitable / manual processing
  • Exceeding maximum package dimensions
  • Return to Sender

Surcharge not suitable / manual processing € 3.00

When a shipment meets one of the following criteria, PostNL will have to process the package manually. A surcharge is charged for this, with the designation NMG (Not Machine Suitable).

This surcharge will be charged if the package has met one of the following criteria:

  • Bigger than: 100 x 70 x 58 cm
  • Smaller than: 10 x 10 x 1 cm
  • From 30 kg. up to 31.5 kg
  • Glassware, including bottles of wine (if not packaged in machine-suitable packaging) etc. or flowers.
  • Laboratory samples or X-rays.
  • Indications on the package 'fragile'.
  • All tubes and other forms of packaging in which the label can not be processed horizontally.
  • Address and bar code not on the largest side.
  • Wood and metal, sealed packages and films (eg bubble wrap) or polystyrene foam.
  • Two or more packages were combined into one package with tape or other binding material.
  • Content is not fixed in the packaging (slides back and forth).

To avoid this surcharge, it is advisable to pay close attention to the packaging. Do not use round tubes, avoid markings on the package, stick the label on the longest side, do not tape packages together and make sure there is enough padding so that the contents do not slide back and forth.

This surcharge is one of the most difficult surcharges since you have to take into account several factors. Of course it is always possible to contact us for packaging advice.

Exceeding maximum package dimensions € 75

When a parcel was too big and / or too heavy to be transported with the delivery van of the driver, it will be taken with the Extra @ Home network from PostNL.
The package was then heavier than 31.5 kilos or larger than the following dimensions:
175 x 78 x 58 centimeters.

Return to Sender

When a shipment is returned to sender, the costs are for the account of the sender. These costs will only be charged if this concerns a refusal at the door, undeliverable, incorrect address details or when a package is not picked up at the depot / service point.
The return costs are the same amount as the initial shipping costs. 

Please carefully read the shipping conditions to avoid the above surcharges. Make sure that you stay well within the permitted dimensions and ensure that the packaging meets the correct criteria.

If you still have questions based on this article, please feel free to contact us!

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