Do you send packages or letters up to 2 kilos and they fit through the mailbox?
Then the mailbox shipments are the perfect shipping option. Through our collaboration with Van Straaten Post you can send your letter with Van Straaten Post and your labels are immediately franked. 

Conditions for letter post with Van Straaten Post

If you use letter post via Van Straaten Post you have to take into account a number of conditions:

  • Maximum dimensions: 38L x 26.5B x 3.2H CM
  • Maximum weight 2 KG
  • Mail items are collected, weighed and counted by Van Straaten Post.
  • The minimum shipping value of your mail items must be € 16.50. If you do not get this shipping value, the amount will be added up to € 16.50.
  • Based on your sent mail items you will receive a collective invoice.
  • Costs are based on mixed batch mail. This means that the average weight of all mail items is used and you pay this rate per item.

Domestic rates

The table below provides insight into the rates per weight. The average weight of all your items determines your rate.

Foreign rates

If you send mail items outside the Netherlands, it depends on the weight and destination what the rate is. From 250 grams, there are rates per country:

EU 1:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France, (including Corsica and Monaco)
  • Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (including Balearic Islands, excluding Canary Islands)
  • United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands)
  • Sweden

EU 2: All other countries in Europe (excluding Russia)

Like every carrier, Van Straaten Post has drawn up a documentation about their General Transport Conditions. If you deviate from the conditions, a surcharge will be charged on your invoice afterwards. When you send with Van Straaten Post, you automatically agree with the following conditions.

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