Dimensions and weight

Maximum dimensions: 1xL + 2xB + 2xH in cm (max. 260 cm)
Maximum weight: 20 kg

Delivery: from Monday to Friday until 22:00

Pick-up fee: € 15
With a pickup of less than 10 shipments on a daily basis, RedjePakketje will charge you a surcharge of € 15 pick-up costs. 

If a shipment does not have to be sent you can cancel it the same day before 23:59 free of charge. This can be done up to 42 days after the creation date, after this the cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible. This is only possible for shipments that have not received a scan from the carrier.

If this does not happen, the full costs for the shipment will be charged. Canceling the labels is separate from the already scheduled pick-up, if you do not have any packages to give, make sure you pass this on time.

How do I make use of Redjepakketje?

Contact our Customer Service via contact@sendcloud.sc . They are happy to set this shipping method up with you!

Like any carrier, RedjePakketje has prepared a document about their General Transport Conditions. If you deviate from the conditions, a surcharge will be charged on your invoice afterwards.  When you ship with Redjepakketje, you automatically agree to the following terms:

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