DPD Home, bring to parcelshop:

You can bring in your DPD packages with one at the parcelshops nearby you. By following this link, you can find the nearest parcelshop. 

  • Maximum girth 300 cm (1 xL + 2xB + 2xH)
  • Maximum dimensions 100 x 50 x 50 
  • Maximum weight 20 KG - 31,5KG (ATTENTION! Ask at the parcelshop near you if you can bring in the weight you want to ship)
  • Including insurance with a value of €520,- within Europe 

DPD Home, pick-up:

With DPD Home your packages are picked-up free when you have a monthly volume of 300 shipments a month. 

  • Maximum girth 300 cm (1xL + 2xB + 2xH)
  • Longest side 175 cm
  • Maximum weight 31,5 KG
  • Free pick-up
  • Including insurance with a value of €520,- within Europe 

When you click on the next button, you can find insights on what the transit times are for shipping within Europe with DPD:

Every carrier has carrier conditions. When you start shipping, you agree with the carrier conditions. When your shipments do not reach the carrier conditions or when a shipment is returned to sender it is possible you get a surcharge on your invoice from this carrier. Please always check before shipping the following conditions:

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