Dimensions and weight

Maximal heigt 60 cm
Maximum wide 80 cm
Maximum length 200 cm

Maximum weight 40 Kg

Maximum girth size 3,00 m (2x height + 2x wide + 1x the length)


If no additional insurance has been selected, GLS will refund the value of the goods sent, limited in amount.

  • the purchase price
  • for used goods, the time value 
  • in the case of goods shipped on the occasion of an auction, the auction price

Depending on which amount is the lowest in a particular case, but up to a maximum of 750, - € per parcel.


GLS deliveres Monday til Friday during normal business hours. In Germany, shipments usually reach their destination within 24 hours. In most major European markets, parcels usually arrive in 24 to 48 hours. Consignments to more distant countries reach their destination in regular delays of 72 to 96 hours.

Please note the general terms and conditions.

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